Breeding Dogs Currently Avaliable
Hawthorne Kennel has several English Springers and English Cockers ready for select breeding. Please review each dog's pedigree and call 518.329.1108 to discuss availability:

Hawthorne Kennels Ancestry

English Cockers

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When we first met Ken Roebuck, the famous gun-dog book author and dog trainer, we went to him looking for a specific type of dog. We were looking for an English bred, English Springer Spaniel to hunt pheasant, woodcock and grouse over. We knew that the English bred dogs have been bred for years to do that job, rather than running around a show ring or sitting on a couch. They are actual working dogs– dogs that work on English estates and in field trials. That was the type of dog we were seeking and it was exactly the dog we found.

Now that we have taken over Ken's training and breeding kennel, we continue bringing along that type of dog. We still breed using dogs that have been imported from the UK. All of the dogs we now have are dogs or from lines that were hand picked by Ken himself.

When Ken Roebuck, asked us to take over his training and breeding operation we were honored and flattered. Ken trusted us because he knew that we were as passionate about English bred hunting dogs as he was. He knew he could trust us to continue breeding the type of gun dog that he was famous for; that all of his clients came to know and love. We breed English Springer Spaniels only of English ancestry A good temperament is of the utmost importance to us. The hunting ability has been in the English hunting lines for many, generations and is a constant.